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We sell the Best.... but we also BUY the Best!

If you have Hornby items that you no longer want, and would like to turn them into cash?... then chuFFers.com is waiting to hear from you.

We purchase quality used items.... to give you an idea of what we would and wouldn’t be interested in...

  • Must be running or serviceable, no broken items thanks
  • Boxed items, with or without paperwork
  • Large collections of Locos and Rolling stock
  • Base Boards/Layouts - possibly
  • Unused Track or Trackside Items
  • Sorry... no heavily used track
  • Boxed Train Sets - Yes, please.
  • All Dublo, 2 or 3 rail
  • All Traing

...in short, if you are selling, e-mail me with the details.

How much can I expect to receive for my items?

The best question! All you have to do is e-mail me with the fullest detail you can give, e.g. condition of item, condition of box, what it comes with, Hornby Part Number, etc. I will e-mail you back and maybe ask a few things. I will then give you a quote. If you are happy with the quote, you then send me the item. I will then check the item out. If it matches the description you gave and works ok, then I will e-mail you and send you a cheque. If the item is non-functioning or does not match the description, I will either re-quote you or return the item. Please note - that the quote is just that, a quote... until I have seen and tested the item, there is no deal.

Hope that helps... and please e-mail me at quotes@chuFFers.com, for further details.
Thanks, Greg Cassar

Update - I have had so many requests for quotes that I have created a new e-mail address, in order to handle them more efficiently. Also, due to the popularity of this service we have a backlog of e-mails to process, so response for a quote may be a little delayed. - Oct 2010

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