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Scalextric GT Cars - 2017 Range


Scalextric Cars GT

Release Date Stock Our Price
C3721 BMW Z4 GT3 - Blancpain Series Brands Hatch 2015 - NEW TOOLING - Available Not in stock £38.00
C3769 Ford Riley Daytona Prototype Feb-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3841 Ford Daytona Prototype, MSR Austin 2014 Oct-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3843 Aston Martin Vantage GT3, Oman Racing Mar-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3845 Bentley Continental GT3, Team HTP Red Mar-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3847 BMW Z4 GT3, #17, 24h Nürburgring 2015 Mar-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3848 BMW Z4 GT3, AMD Tuning May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3850 McLaren 12C GT3, Von Ryan Racing May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3851 Porsche 911 RSR, Falken Tire May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3854 Audi R8 LMS, Rum Bum Racing May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3852 Mercedes AMG GT3 (Anime) - NEW TOOLING - Aug-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3853 Mercedes AMG GT3 Gulf - NEW TOOLING - Aug-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3855 BMW Z4 GT3 ROAL Motorsport Spa 2015 Aug-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3856 Aston Martin GT3 Tony Quinn Clipsal 500, 2013 Aug-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3857 Ford GT - GTE Number 66 LeMans 2016 - NEW TOOLING - Nov-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3849 McLaren 12C GT3, Pacific Racing (Anime) Sep-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3859 Ford GT40 Mk4, 1967 Sebring Winner - NEW TOOLING - Sep-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3844 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 TF Sport Oct-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3846 Bentley Continental GT3, Team HTP Blue Oct-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3858 Ford GT - GTE Number 69 LeMans 2016 - NEW TOOLING - Nov-17 Not in stock £38.00

Stock Availability - Please be aware that stock availability may vary when Hornby discontinue items or release new items through the year, Full refunds will be made if items can not be fulfilled.
Overseas Customers - Please enquire for a competitive P&P quote, or place the order and you will be emailed for the additional amount required to cover shipping. Items shipped at cost, worldwide.

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