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Scalextric Circuit Cars - 2017 Range


Scalextric Cars Circuit

Release Date Stock Our Price
C3741 Ford XC Falcon - 1978 Bathurst 1000 - NEW TOOLING - Available Not in stock £38.00
C3743 BMW MINI Cooper S - MINI Challenge 2015 Available Not in stock £38.00
C3740 Ford Sierra RS500 - 1989 Bathurst 1000 - NEW TOOLING - Available Not in stock £38.00
C3758 Holden A9X Torana - NEW TOOLING - Available Not in stock £38.00
C3783 BTCC Honda Civic Type R - Gordon Shedden 2015 - NEW TOOLING - Jan-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3731 AMC Javelin Trans Am, Watkins Glen 1971 Feb-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3734 BTCC Honda Civic Type R - Matt Neal, Donington Park 2015 - NEW TOOLING - Jan-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3783 BTCC HONDA CIVIC Type R (2015) Jan-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3737 BTCC Volkswagen Passat - Jason Plato, Brands Hatch 2015 - NEW TOOLING - Feb-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3860 BTCC Honda Civic Type R, Jeff Smith Mar-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3861 BTCC Honda Civic Type R, Matt Neal Mar-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3865 BMW M3 E30, Sport Evolution Team Tic Tac May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3873 BMW Mini Cooper F56, Mini Challenge 2016 Mar-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3875 AMC Javelin Trans Am, George Follmer May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3725 Chevrolet Camaro 1970 Trans Am Mar-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3728 Ford Mustang Boss 302 1969 Trans Am Mar-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3750 Audi Sport Quattro E2 Dec-16 Not in stock £38.00
C3862 BTCC BMW 125 Series 1 Rob Collard Apr-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3863 BTCC MG6, Josh Cook Apr-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3864 BTCC VW Passat, Aron Smith Apr-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3867 Ford Sierra RS500, Tim Harvey May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3868 Ford Sierra RS500, Bathurst 1988 May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3870 Ford Cortina, Alan Mann Racing May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3872 Ford Falcon XW/XY GT-HO, Allan Moffat 1970 May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3869 Ford Falcon XC, Allan Moffat 1979 May-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3707 Lotus 49 Pete Lovely Aug-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3726 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray L88 21 Aug-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3729 Mercury Cougar XR7 1967 Trans Am Aug-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3866 BMW M3 E30, Will Hoy Sep-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3871 Caterham Superlight Lee Wiggins Nov-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3874 Chevrolet Camaro 1971 Trans Am Nov-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3876 AMC Javelin Trans Am Jockos Racing Dec-17 Not in stock £38.00
C3890 Jaguar E Type 1965 Bathurst Bob Jane - NEW TOOLING - Oct-17 Not in stock £38.00

Stock Availability - Please be aware that stock availability may vary when Hornby discontinue items or release new items through the year, Full refunds will be made if items can not be fulfilled.
Overseas Customers - Please enquire for a competitive P&P quote, or place the order and you will be emailed for the additional amount required to cover shipping. Items shipped at cost, worldwide.

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