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Hornby Trains - Clearance Items

Here we have end of line and clearance Horny items. Please note stock levels for these items is estimated and does change rapidly, so please purchase as soon as possible, When they are gone, they are gone for good! 


Hornby Clearance Items

Release Date Stock Our Price
R3242A BR 2-6-0 '62032' K1 Class - Early BR Clearance More than 10 £91.00
R3243B BR 2-6-0 '62064' K1 Class - Late BR Clearance More than 10 £91.00
R3304 BR 0-6-0T 700 Class BR Weathered Clearance 4 £88.00
R3313 LMS 0-6-0 4F Class (Unlined) Clearance 4 £80.00
R3315 BR 4-4-0 Fowler 2P Class BR (Late)- Postage Uplift Only Clearance 0 £25.00
R3489 Railroad GWR Freight Train Pack Clearance More than 10 £37.00
R8125 Guide To Railway Modelling Cd Clearance More than 10 £11.00
R8144 RailMaster DCC CD-Rom Clearance 2 £48.00
R8153 Hornby Handbook 2016 Clearance More than 10 £9.00
R8236 Digital RJ12 Leads Clearance 6 £7.00
R8237 Digital RJ12 Connection Socket Clearance More than 10 £5.00
R8545 BRick Tunnel Portal Side Walling Clearance 2 £9.00
R8736 Coal Drop Overshoot & Steps Clearance More than 10 £9.00
R8949 Double Sockets x 2 Clearance More than 10 £5.00

Stock Availability - Please be aware that stock availability may vary when Hornby discontinue items or release new items through the year, Full refunds will be made if items can not be fulfilled.
Overseas Customers - Please enquire for a competitive P&P quote, or place the order and you will be emailed for the additional amount required to cover shipping. Items shipped at cost, worldwide.

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