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Hornby Track & Track Accessories - 2017 Range


Hornby Track & Track Accessories

Release Date Stock Our Price
R083 Buffer Stop Available More than 10 £3.50
R207 Track Pins Available Not in stock £3.50
R600 Straight Track Available More than 10 £2.50
R601 Double Straight Available More than 10 £3.50
R603 Long Straight Available More than 10 £4.50
R604 Curve 1st Radius Available More than 10 £3.50
R605 Double Curve 1st Radius Available 8 £3.50
R606 Curve 2nd Radius Available 4 £2.50
R607 Double Curve 2nd Radius Available 5 £3.50
R608 Curve 3rd Radius Available 3 £3.50
R609 Double Curve 3rd Radius Available 6 £3.50
R610 Quarter Straight Available Not in stock £2.50
R614 Diamond Crossing L/H Available 5 £11.50
R615 Diamond Crossing R/H Available 7 £11.50
R617 Uncoupling Ramp Available 6 £4.50
R618 Double Isolating Track Available 1 £8.50
R620 Railer/Uncoupler Available 2 £6.50
R621 Flexible Track (970 mm) Available 3 £4.50
R626 Pack of 4 Underlay Sheets Available 8 £5.50
R628 1/2 Curve Large Radius (33'') Available 2 £3.50
R636 Double Level Crossing Available 8 £23.50
R643 1/2 Curve 2nd Radius Available Not in stock £2.50
R645 Single Track Level Crossing Available More than 10 £15.50
R8072 L/H Point Available More than 10 £10.50
R8073 R/H Point Available More than 10 £10.50
R8074 L/H Curved Point Available Not in stock £15.50
R8075 R/H Curved Point Available 2 £15.50
R8076 Y Point Available 1 £11.50
R8077 L/H Express Point Available 3 £15.50
R8078 R/H Express Point Available 3 £15.50
R8090 Semi-Flexible Track (915 mm) Available 1 £4.50
R8217 TrakMat Available 9 £15.50
R8244 Uncoupler Unit Available More than 10 £4.50
R8261 4th Radius Curve Small Available 2 £3.50
R8262 Double 4th Radius Curve Large Available Not in stock £4.50
R910 Fishplates (Pack 12) Available 5 £3.50
R920 Insulated Fishplates (Pack 12) Available More than 10 £2.50
R169 Junction Home Signal Available 3 £13.50
R170 Junction Distant Signal Available 8 £13.50
R171 Single Home Signal Available 8 £10.50
R172 Single Distant Signal Available 3 £10.50
R406 Colour Light Signal Available 3 £25.50

Hornby TrakMat Accessories

Release Date Stock Our Price
R8221 Extension Pack A Available More than 10 £18.00
R8222 Extension Pack B Available Not in stock £29.00
R8223 Extension Pack C Available 4 £28.00
R8224 Extension Pack D Available 7 £42.00
R8225 Extension Pack E Available More than 10 £21.00
R8227 Building Extension Pack 1 Available 3 £35.00
R8228 Building Extension Pack 2 Available 4 £42.00
R8229 Building Extension Pack 3 Available Not in stock £28.00
R8230 Building Extension Pack 4 Available 2 £42.00
R8231 Building Extension Pack 5 Available 3 £42.00

Hornby Catalogue

Release Date Stock Our Price
R8154 Hornby 2017 Catalogue Jan-17 Not in stock £10.00

Stock Availability - Please be aware that stock availability may vary when Hornby discontinue items or release new items through the year, Full refunds will be made if items can not be fulfilled.
Overseas Customers - Please enquire for a competitive P&P quote, or place the order and you will be emailed for the additional amount required to cover shipping. Items shipped at cost, worldwide.

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