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Hornby Skaledale Buildings - 2017 Range


Hornby Hornby Skaledale Buildings

Release Date Stock Our Price
R8574 Gravestones Available 2 £12.00
R8579 Pillar Box Available Not in stock £8.00
R8580 Telephone Kiosk Available Not in stock £10.00
R8614 Straight Platforms x 2 Available Not in stock £18.00
R8615 Platform Ramps x 2 Available More than 10 £16.00
R9836 Granite Station Buiding Available 1 £61.00
R9837 Granite Station Waiting Room Available 1 £22.00
R9838 Granite Station Signal Box Available 3 £37.00
R9839 Granite Station Water Tower Available 1 £32.00
R9840 Granite Station Engine Shed Available 2 £61.00
R9841 Granite Station Goods Shed Available 3 £56.00
R9844 The Off License Mar-17 4 £28.00
R9845 The Butcher's Shop Mar-17 7 £28.00
R9846 The Ironmonger's Shop Mar-17 7 £28.00
R9847 The Greengrocer's Shop Mar-17 9 £28.00
R9848 The Country Farm House Apr-17 4 £47.00
R9849 The Country Farm Outhouse Apr-17 4 £29.00
R9850 The Country Farm Tractor/Plough Shed May-17 6 £22.00
R9851 The Country Farm Dutch Barn May-17 6 £42.00
R9852 The Country Farm Windmill May-17 Not in stock £70.00
R9853 The Cricket Pavilion Jun-17 5 £38.00
R9854 The Country Cottage Jun-17 7 £38.00
R9855 The Village Garage Jul-17 8 £38.00
R9856 L/H Mid Terraced House Aug-17 8 £22.00
R9857 R/H Mid Terraced House Aug-17 8 £22.00
R9858 The Sub-Post Office Sep-17 Not in stock £28.00
R9859 The General Store Sep-17 Not in stock £32.00
R9860 The Village Pub Oct-17 Not in stock £38.00
R9861 The Fish & Chip Shop Oct-17 Not in stock £28.00

Stock Availability - Please be aware that stock availability may vary when Hornby discontinue items or release new items through the year, Full refunds will be made if items can not be fulfilled.
Overseas Customers - Please enquire for a competitive P&P quote, or place the order and you will be emailed for the additional amount required to cover shipping. Items shipped at cost, worldwide.

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