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Hornby RailRoad - 2017 Range



For several years the model railway fraternity have demanded that newly tooled locomotives and rolling stock are produced with more and more detail, emulating as closely as possible the full size locomotives, coaches or wagons that are being modelled. Hornby have consequently responded to these demands by producing models which incorporate extensive and intricate detail. Delicate vacuum pipes, highly detailed cab interiors, fine scale valve gear plus a mass of separately fitted fine scale parts all go into producing a superb model. These marked detail improvements are a key feature to any new generation Hornby locomotive and have been wholeheartedly welcomed by the modeller who can now place a Hornby model on their layout and be confident that they are the owner of a model “par excellence”!


Of course there are those who do not require the high level of detail that is achievable today. There are those who wish to “customise” models with extra detail components themselves, or who may decide to try their hand at painting extra livery features or indeed by repainting the whole model. These are modellers who obtain enjoyment from the hobby by using their own endeavours and by developing their own modelling skills. Then again there are those who want to add locomotives and rolling stock to their train set and are concerned that the extra fine and separately fitted components included on the highly detailed models will be susceptible to damage by the casual hand unprepared and unaware of how to handle models fitted with delicate parts.


Young or old, keen modeller or just a beginner, the Hornby RailRoad range answers the needs of many and is a perfect complement to the variety of locomotives, rolling stock, track, buildings, and accessories that can be found in the current Hornby catalogue. Devoid of easily damaged detail parts the suitably livered RailRoad locomotives are fitted with efficient drive mechanisms and have pickups on all drive wheels ensuring smooth running. All the RailRoad models are fitted with the standard Hornby hook and bar type couplings and will therefore easily couple to those locomotives and rolling stock in both the standard Hornby and Thomas & Friends ranges. With this in mind it is easy to see that those models that make up the Hornby RailRoad range are a simple and cost effective way of adding to a train set providing a suitable and most appropriate stepping stone into the varied and fascinating World of model railways.

The Hornby RailRoad Range - The first steps to modelling railways

Items in red are new for 2017


Hornby RailRoad Locomotives

Release Date Stock Our Price
R3060 RailRoad 4-6-2 'Tornado' Peppercorn Class A1 Available Not in stock £90.00
R3064 RailRoad BR 0-4-0ST ‘Smokey Joe’ Available 4 £32.00
R3086 RailRoad LNER 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' A1 Class Available Not in stock £86.00
R3171 RailRoad LNER 2-8-2 'Cock O' The North' P2 Class Available Not in stock £86.00
R3371 RailRoad LNER 4-6-2 BR 'Mallard' Class A4 Locomotive Available Not in stock £86.00
R3498 RailRoad S&DJR 0-6-0T '19' Available 2 £42.00
R3584 Railroad Ex-Industrial 0-4-0 'Godfrey & Mitchell Coal Merchants' 'No.9' May-17 2 £32.00
R3585 Railroad BR Intercity '90135' Class 90 May-17 5 £81.00
R3586 RailRoad BR 4-4-0 'Sevenoaks' Schools Class, Early BR Jun-17 4 £86.00
R3587 RailRoad LMS 0-6-0T '7109' Class 3F 'Jinty' Jul-17 Not in stock £42.00
R3494 RailRoad BR 4-6-0 '45025' 'Black 5' Class 5MT Aug-17 Not in stock £90.00
R3588 RailRoad LNER 4-6-0 'Liverpool' Class B17 - NEW CAPEX Oct-17 Not in stock £86.00
R3589 RailRoad GWR 0-4-2T '4837' Class 14xx Oct-17 Not in stock £42.00
R3590 Railroad BR Class 55 'The King's Own Scottish Borderer' Nov-17 Not in stock £60.00
R3591 RailRoad BR Class 73 ' E6002' - BR Green Nov-17 Not in stock £64.00

Hornby RailRoad Train Packs

Release Date Stock Our Price
R3488 RailRoad Diesel Freight Train Pack Available 1 £53.00
R3489 RailRoad GWR Freight Train Pack Available More than 10 £53.00

Hornby RailRoad Locomotives with Sound

Release Date Stock Our Price
R3395TTS RailRoad LNER 4-6-2 'Mallard' A4 Class with TTS Sound Available Not in stock £118.00
R3394TTS RailRoad Class 20 '20183' with TTS Sound Mar-17 Not in stock £99.00
R3583TTS RailRoad Class 37 Railfreight '37040' with TTS Sound Jun-17 Not in stock £90.00
R3592TTS RailRoad BR Class 31 'D5551' with TTS Sound Jul-17 Not in stock £81.00

Hornby RailRoad Coaches

Release Date Stock Our Price
R4312 RailRoad Pullman Parlour Car Available Not in stock £22.00
R4313 RailRoad Pullman Parlour Brake Car Available Not in stock £22.00
R4332 RailRoad LNER Teak Composite Coach Available 2 £22.00
R4333 RailRoad LNER Teak Brake Coach Available 3 £22.00
R4388 RailRoad LMS Composite Coach - LMS Maroon Available 2 £22.00
R4389 RailRoad LMS Brake Coach - LMS Maroon Available 2 £22.00
R4523 RailRoad GWR Composite Coach - GWR Chocolate & Cream Available 1 £22.00
R4524 RailRoad GWR Brake Third Coach - GWR Chocolate & Cream Available Not in stock £22.00
R4671 RailRoad LMS 4 Wheel Coach Available 6 £18.00
R4672 RailRoad SR 4 Wheel Coach Available 2 £18.00
R4673 RailRoad GWR 4 Wheel Coach Available 2 £18.00
R4674 RailRoad LNER 4 Wheel Coach Available 5 £18.00
R4743 RailRoad SR Composite Coach Available 4 £22.00
R4744 RailRoad SR Brake Coach Available Not in stock £22.00
R4812 RailRoad BR Mk1 Corridor Composite Coach - BR Crimson & Cream Apr-17 6 £22.00
R4813 RailRoad BR Mk1 Corridor Second Coach - BR Crimson & Cream May-17 4 £22.00
R4814 RailRoad BR Mk1 Corridor Brake Second Coach - BR Crimson & Cream Jun-17 4 £22.00

Hornby RailRoad Wagons

Release Date Stock Our Price
R6368 RailRoad BR 20 Ton Brake Van Available More than 10 £12.00
R6370 RailRoad Tredegar LWB Open Wagon Available Not in stock £12.00
R6422 RailRoad Closed Van Available 5 £12.00
R6423 RailRoad Car Transporter Available Not in stock £22.00
R6795 RailRoad Lowmac & Load Jul-17 Not in stock £11.00
R6796 RailRoad MGR Wagon Aug-17 Not in stock £11.00
R6797 RailRoad Breakdown Crane Sep-17 More than 10 £28.00

Hornby RailRoad Rolling Stock Packs

Release Date Stock Our Price
R6789 RailRoad Fuel Tanker Triple Pack - BP, Texaco, Total Available Not in stock £21.00
R6784 RailRoad Triple Pack - Open Wagons Available 5 £21.00
R6831 RailRoad Triple Pack - Box Vans Apr-17 More than 10 £22.00

Stock Availability - Please be aware that stock availability may vary when Hornby discontinue items or release new items through the year, Full refunds will be made if items can not be fulfilled.
Overseas Customers - Please enquire for a competitive P&P quote, or place the order and you will be emailed for the additional amount required to cover shipping. Items shipped at cost, worldwide.

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